I use both IE and Mozilla Firebird for browsing. I like to check if my site/web apps I develop looks good and works as intended in both of these browsers. So I built application which has both IE and Mozilla embedded in it. Now I can check out how any site looks in both browsers instantly. The screenshot show Yahoo rendered by both IE (on top) and Mozilla (below). Previously I never noticed they were rendered differently.  

I am looking to add more features in it like synchronized browsing and scrolling, integration of bookmarks and favorites. I can put it up for download if anyone is interested.

Update: New version is out. Check out:

Vasanth Dharmaraj is a Java Architect currently working for Western Union living in the Bay Area. He is interested in programming, gadgets, formula one... You can follow him on Twitter.

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10 comments on “Comparator
  1. sryo says:

    great idea, you should post it, it’d be a must-have for web developers.

  2. AndyEd says:

    Indeed — the source could fall into the right hand. This could be a great reference implementation for embedding Mozilla on Windows. Lots of folks already know the IE api.

  3. Rob... says:

    I’m definitely interested in the application! Would also be interested in the source if you are willing to share…

  4. Jemal says:

    This would make the lives of humble web developers everywhere both more pleasant and more effective.

  5. Vazz says:

    I will post the application and the code later today.

  6. Please do put it up for download!

    Oh wait I just saw youre entry. Will check back!

  7. Donald Axel says:

    Please note that some of the big sites have a front-page which asks your client for identification and then directs you to a special version of their contents.
    It looks to me as you are depicting two different html sources in you screenshot. Also, font size and screen resolution will affect the result for individual clientprograms.
    The best way to make super-sites is as far as I know to use stylesheets, but even that will not always guarantee good looks for your pages.

  8. Donald Axel says:

    I forgot to say that it is a splendid idea! I used to look at my own humble site with two browsers in order to make sure that it works for both.
    Finally this: I am happy that you camouflage the e-mail address on your page so that email sniffers won’t get it — too easily, that is.

  9. Vazz says:

    Thanks Donald. BTW this app is up for download. :)

  10. MikeyC says:

    Nice idea, but for anyone who doesn’t care to install the .NET Framework you can download an HTA I created that does the exact same thing:

    Step 1: Save the link above to your PC with an .hta file extension.

    Step 2: Register the Mozilla ActiveX control (as you would do with ‘Comparator’).

    That’s it. Gecko-rendering in the top-frame, MSHTML-rendering in the bottom-frame. Windows only, sorry.

    It’s very basic at the moment, but will be enhanced soon. Check: for progress.

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