Eclipse tip: Rewind during debugging

When I am debugging, I often step through code very quickly and step over the line I am interested in. To get back to the line I have to start the debugging process all over again. This is time consuming if the there are multiple steps involved in the debugging process.

Eclipse has a feature called “Drop to Frame” which allows me to step back in the debugging process. Now if I miss a line I can just choose Drop to Frame and start from the beginning of the method again. I can also choose any stack frame and use Drop to Frame in its context menu to restart debugging from that method.

Eclipse Tip: Drop to Frame

This is a cool feature and is bound to save a lot of time for me. This works only with 1.4 or higher VM.

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2 comments on “Eclipse tip: Rewind during debugging
  1. RefuX says:

    So what does ‘Drop to Frame’ really do? Somehow magically ‘rewinds’ all the state back to the selected method? or just goes forward until it gets back into the method selected?

  2. Vazz says:

    I will have to check that. I assume, since this is a VM feature, that it will reset the state too.

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