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R.J. is posting a series of Tips & Tricks on Eclipse. Check them out on Here are a few of them:

Eclipse Debugging Tips and Tricks: Dealing With Frames
Eclipse Tips & Tricks: In-Place Outlines and Type Hierarchies
SWT Tips & Tricks: SWT Projects in Eclipse

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Update: Here are a few more tips by R.J. at

SWT Tips & Tricks:
Titled Borders
Eclipse Tips & Tricks:
Eclipse Debugging Tips & Tricks: Watch Points
Eclipse Debugging Tips & Tricks: Working Sets

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One comment on “Eclipse Tips & Tricks
  1. R.J. says:


    Thanks for the notice!

    Here are a couple more:
    SWT Tips & Tricks: Titled Borders:
    Eclipse Tips & Tricks:
    Eclipse Debugging Tips & Tricks: Watch Points:
    Eclipse Debugging Tips & Tricks: Working Sets:

    … and if you don’t mind, I’ll also shamelessly plug some of the eclipse tips and tricks that aren’t on Javalobby, but are directly placed in the Java Tutorials category of my website:

    Thanks again!

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