Eclipse Plugin: eclipse2ant

I found another useful eclipse plugin eclipse2ant at Ant is useful for continuous integration or just automated deployments but it is tedious to maintain projects in both eclipse and ant build files. eclipse2ant solves that it automatically generates ant build files based on eclipse projects. This helps keep the build files uptodate. Here are the features it provides:

  • Creates the following targets: init, clean, build.
  • Supports multiple source directories.
  • Each source directory may compile to a different class directory.
  • Supports include/exclude patterns.
  • Classpath variables are converted to properties.
  • build-user.xml for Ant user modifications which are never overwritten.
  • Only project relative paths are created to offer highest portability.
  • Export run configuration for applications, applets and JUnit tests.
    • Exports arguments, VM arguments, working directory, environment.
    • Eclipse variables are converted to properties.
  • Offer single file compile. (Of course a candidate for a stand alone plugin…)
    • Adds a new context menu item called “Compile” to Java editor.