Eclipse Tip: See more of the editor

Eclipse perspectives can have a lot of views. They do tend to get in the way of coding. I like to see more of the editor than the views but I do not want to close the views either. I do a couple of things to overcome this.

  1. Maximize the editor. Just press Ctrl+M or double click the editor tab. This will maximize the editor. Pressing this again restores the previous view. I use this a lot.
  2. Now there are some views which you may not need to see all the time. Just put these in fast view.  Right click on the title bar of any view and choose “Fast View” this will reduce the view to a tiny icon. Just click on it to see the view. See below.

One thought on “Eclipse Tip: See more of the editor”

  1. I tend to minimize the view below the editor (console, problems, tasks, etc) a lot instead of maximizing the editor. That way I still get the package explorer and/or outline on the left but I have more vertical space without closing all of those views underneath the editor. Minimize is great.

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