Next Lotus Notes to based on Eclipse

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Looks like the next version of Lotus Notes will be based one Eclipse RCP. There are some screenshots of it on the net. I have been using Lotus Notes 5 at Misys and I am not liking it very much. It behaves differently than other windows applications. An Eclipse based version would be cool. [Ken's Blog]

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4 comments on “Next Lotus Notes to based on Eclipse
  1. Axx says:

    I don’t think so. it doesn’t look like eclipse at all.

  2. Hao Zhang says:

    As far as I know, next version of lotus will base on WCT, which is an extension of RCP.

  3. Ed Burnette says:

    I can’t see a single native widget in this interface. Was the UI done with SWT/JFace?

  4. Vasanth says:


    I think this is an extention of RCP IBM is using like Hao Zhang says.

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