Eclipse JSR220-ORM Project Approved

 Eclipse JSR220-ORM is a Project to Deliver Object-Relational Mapping Tooling Framework in Eclipse. Check out the press release here. The initial code contribution is from Versant. They are contributing their commercial offering to open source. (At Misys we are using their commercial offering)

The visual tooling fully integrated with Eclipse that is needed to manage complex JSR 220/243 projects involving large numbers of user defined classes. Tooling that facilitates the management of meta data related to a JSR 220/243 implementation. Tooling that facilitates how patterns found in the object oriented Java language are correlated with patterns found in relational data models. Where applicable and feasible, this project will also use and/or collaborate with other sub projects within the Data Tools Project and Web Tools Project to achieve it’s goals. The tooling will be developed as a series of frameworks allowing the plug-in of JSR 220 persistence and JSR 243  runtimes.