Eclipse Visual Editor 1.1 Released

A new version of the Eclipse Visual Editor is out. You can download it here and read the new and noteworthy features

Some of the new features are:

  • Ability to create and edit RCP Views
  • Performance: Phase-I
  • Improved Font and Color property editors
  • Improved Table-column support
  • Better PDE development support
  • Ability to launch RCP Views
  • Preferences aware RCP View tabs
  • Improved support for complex arguments
  • Cut/Copy/Paste implementation
  • X/Y layout enhancements
  • Prompt for name on drop
  • Improved rename dialog
  • Improved SWT container support
  • SWT Custom Controls support
  • Performance Phase-II
  • Improved SWT Grid layout support
  • Improved Swing Gridbag layout support
  • Alpha blending feedback
  • Improved source parsing
  • Improved pause reload feedback

Vep grind layout editing

But the most impressive is their new layout editing feature like Matisse. But they do not use and custom layout manager but the Swing’s GridLayout. Cool. Check out its demo here.

 Improve the visual assist for dropping, and manipulating components on a Grid Layout.  VE enables the user to treat the Grid as a table that will automatically grow in both directions, and insert/remove filler labels.

One thought on “Eclipse Visual Editor 1.1 Released”

  1. Hi. Interresting reading on the new improved layout managers. However, I would like to point you to the flexible and easy to use layout manager I have released as open source: RiverLayout,
    If you’re "code oriented" rather than drag and drop oriented, this layout manager allows a lot of flexibility combined with little coding and very intuitive functionality. I use it in the very popular web photo album software JAlbum.

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