Eclipse Plugin: Macro Recorder

Macro recording functionality has been a highly requested feature in Eclipse. Now there is a plugin which adds this function to Eclipse. Check out the Macro Recorder.

I tried it out. I think it needs a bit more work. When recording macros it captures mouse movements and keyboard actions but it seems to miss the click events and Alt keys. Plus there is no pause/stop feature when running a macro.

Anyway it is a good start and I hope the plugin is actively developed.

6 thoughts on “Eclipse Plugin: Macro Recorder”

  1. Man it’s about time. Text macros are an indispensible programming tool. It’s the one thing that keeps me having to use both Eclipse and UltraEdit. Macros allow you to do some really creative things like custom refactorings and indentation. I can only imagine what’s possible in Eclipse. It’s unfortunate that it isn’t 100% complete though. Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely be watching this.

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