X Deep: A free X Window Server for Windows

I have been looking for a free X Window server for Windows XP. Recently I found a couple of them. The first one I think most would be familiar with, Cygwin/X. The other one is called X Deep 32. The company has stopped developing it and has put it up as freeware. Still I found it a lot easier to install and use. It is pretty stable too.

Our server is SPARC Solaris machine with 8 processors and 16 GB of RAM. It is rarely used these days because of some developments at Misys (See the last paragraph, Risk Vision is what I develop). So I thought I would setup my development environment there. Our ESB was already installed and running on it. I installed Eclipse and a few other products and I was good to go in no time. Well the Solaris has got only Motif so things do not look as good as in Windows XP but it is way faster. Well it better be. ;-) I am liking this way of development. Anyway I also got a Motif build of Firefox. Thanks to the guys at Sun. Now I am almost free of Windows XP except for Lotus Notes.

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