LogMeIn: A nice remote desktop tool

LogMeIn is a remote desktop tool I have been using for a while now. It works over the Internet. It requires an application to be installed in the computer you want to remotely access. You can access the PC from any browser with a Internet connection.  

I have installed this on my tablet PC. I do not carry the tablet to work as my office is a bonded warehouse and it is not easy to get permission to take laptops in and out of it.

With LogMeIn I can access my tablet anytime. The service provides both an ActiveX and a Java component to access the remote computer. Based on the Internet speed on both sides it automatically selects the appropriate color depth. It can match the remote machine to the accessing PCs resolution. It works pretty well even with the slow 256Kbps connection at home.

Best of all they have a free version which satisfies most of my needs. :-) Anyway if you are looking for a remote desktop solution that works with out having to bother about IP addresses, proxy/firewall/router configurations try out LogMeIn.

5 thoughts on “LogMeIn: A nice remote desktop tool”

  1. Hey awesome post. I’ve been using Logmein for a couple months now and absolutely love it as well. I use it at work to check my email at home, but unfortunately I don’t have a tablet PC like you do (I’m insanely jealous by the way). Anyway I’m glad to see that other people agree with me in that this is an awesome program

  2. Does this mean, one will be allowed to work from home, or access the office desktop even without a VPN connection or anything similar?

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