N810 MicroB Browser

N810 Browser Screenshot

One of the main reasons I got the N810 is its excellent Mozilla based browser MicroB. It uses the same rendering engine as the Firefox. So it supports all the AJAX stuff. It even does Flash.

Check out how well it renders Gmail. The screen resolution of 800 x 480 lets me view the complete site without the need to scroll. Of course the text looks smaller on the 4.13″ display. But thank fully my vision is not that bad. I can read it pretty easily.

Google Reader, another AJAXy site I use a lot also renders beautifully with all the keyboard shortcut goodness and all.

The browser also has extensions! Not all though but I have installed a couple: AdBlock Plus and Spellcheck.

By the way I thought I would post a multi-post review as and when I find some thing interesting about the N810 instead of one big review post.

Update: Based on Vamsi Poondla‘s request I checked a few other sites like Bank of America, Amazon and YouTube. They all work well as expected. But the Indian language site does not work. See screen shot below. :-(

N810 eenadu screenshot

Update 2: Well as Timeless, pointed out via email. The above screenshot does not mean that the browser cannot display sites in other languages. The N810 does not have the fonts installed. So it should be an easy fix. Well I would fix it if I could read any of the Indian languages easily. But I don’t. :-(

Update 3: Well I downloaded and installed the Telugu font. It was easy download the font, make a directory /home/user/.fonts and copy the downloaded font to the directory. Now restart N810 and the checkout the site:

N810 Telegu Font

Hopefully it is displaying Telugu correctly. I got to install Tamil fonts too.

Vasanth Dharmaraj is a Java Architect currently working for Western Union living in the Bay Area. He is interested in programming, gadgets, formula one... You can follow him on Twitter.

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12 comments on “N810 MicroB Browser
  1. That is a cool feature. I often take my laptop when I go for reading at T-Mobile hotspots like Borders/Starbucks. I dont need to if I have something as cool as this.
    Are you able to access banking sites, streaming video/ audio sites, amazon, etc..the ones we usually use day to day life? Also are you able to access websites which use indian langauges scripts like http://www.eenadu.net? I am curious.

    You are now making me envious…I have an eye over those tablets…based on your review, I will forgo iPhone forever.

  2. I just updated the post based on your comment.

  3. Bharadwaj says:

    Did you try your site?

  4. Vasanth says:

    Of course. It works flawlessly. :-)

  5. Thank you Vasanth. Let me know if you could install the fonts from this link http://eenadu.net/fonthelp.htm

    If you are not able to see any junk characters and see beautiful Telugu, then it means fonts work. Pl let me know.

    Now my wife will have hard time to persuade me from buying this.

  6. Chenni says:

    Pulavare, http://www.eenadu.net is a telugu website not a tamil one.

  7. I know. Can not read Telegu nor Tamil.

  8. Chenni says:

    Do not tell me that you can not find the difference between Tamil and Telugu. When you come up here, I will bury you in the snow.

  9. Vasanth says:

    Take a look at this post http://www.vasanth.in/2005/08/24/FirefoxMessesUpTamil.aspx. This is the reason I can not confirm that even if I see Telugu characters that it is correct.

    About Tamil that is a joke.

  10. Cool Vasanth. It looks crisp. Thank you

  11. Bill Seitz says:

    By the way, I found getting logged into t-mobile hotspot tricky in the N810 browser. Here’s my tip:


  12. Vasanth says:

    Thanks for the tip.

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