Eclipse FireFly: Mobile RIA IDE

There is a new Eclipse project proposal: FireFly. Here is its introduction:

The FireFly DevKit project intends to develop an extensible mobile web developer kit for use in creating and testing traditional and next-generation mobile RIA applications.  The new generation of high-speed data networks and powerful mobile internet devices such as smartphones equipped with web browsing capabilities like the iPhone are enabling a dramatic new level of personal and social connected-ness for millions of mobile users. These users effectively take the web with them wherever they go. Unfortunately much of the web content and services currently available to mobile users is designed for use on laptops and work stations and is generally not well suited for use on the much smaller mobile internet devices. The FireFly DevKit will help address the development challenges that web designers and programmers face when modernizing existing web content and developing new innovative web applications and services for use on mobile internet.

Mobile web developers will be able to visualize and debug mobile web applications from within an Eclipse-based IDE. The project will provide mobile web development in iPhone first and later Android G1. The aim is to help create native looking web applications with access to GPS, accelerometers and personal data. Genuitec has proposed the project. An initial release will be made in the Eclipse 3.5 timeframe. This will be a part of Device Software Development Platform Project.