Eclipse Tip: Incremental Find or Find as You Type

Eclipse has many ways of doing things. Finding the way that suits you can be tricky. :-) The standard find dialog triggered by Crtl+F is, well, standard. But if you are a keyboard junkie then it kind of gets in the way.

The other way of searching with in the current editor is Incremental Search. This is triggered by Crtl+J and has no GUI! Just press Ctrl+J and type the search text. Eclipse finds and highlights the next match as you type. You can use the Up or Down arrow key to jump to the next or previous match.

I like this way…

3 thoughts on “Eclipse Tip: Incremental Find or Find as You Type”

  1. Yes, incremental search is extremely nice. And in the Emacs keymap it is bound properly to Ctrl+S :-)

    Actually it has a kind of GUI, that is if you count messages in the statusbar as a GUI.

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