Java rides on Google App Engine


Finally cloud computing comes to Java developers. Dot Net got it with Azure. Now Java has got support from Google in its cloud platform AppEngine.

The great thing about Google’s implantation is that it is not just supporting Java the language but also parts of Java the platform. So Java developers do not have to relearn an entirely new programming stack. Here are the Java standards supported:

  • Java Servlet API
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Java Data Objects (JDO)
  • Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • javax.cache
  • javax.mail
  • Web Application Archive (WAR)

They also support Eclipse IDE with Google Plugin for Eclipse.

Java AppEngine Project.png

Google is providing an early look at the Java support for the first 10,000 developers. To get access register here. I registered and am waiting for the confirmation email. :-)

Vasanth Dharmaraj is a Java Architect currently working for Western Union living in the Bay Area. He is interested in programming, gadgets, formula one... You can follow him on Twitter.

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