Changing Java AppEngine’s port number

I have been playing around with Google’s Java AppEngine. By default the local development server starts up in port 8080. This kind of messes with my development setup. Every app server I use Weblogic, Tomcat… uses this port by default. To change the port number in eclipse go to Run>Run Configurations…>Web Application><AppEngine Project Name>. In the main tab you can change the port number.

Java AppEngine Port Eclipse.png

If you are running the application from the command line go to <app engine home>/config/user/ant-macros.xml and change the port number in the “dev_appserver” macro attribute.

Java AppEngine Port CL.png

If you are just using the Eclipse plugin for AppEngine the SDK is located at <eclipse home>\plugins\\appengine-java-sdk-1.2.0.

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