Created my first Chrome extension!

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Chrome’s extension support seems to be coming along well. They have a “Gmail Checker” sample which is interesting. It adds a bookmark to the tool bar and shows the unread mail count in Gmail. I liked that. But there are no options and no way to set it to check my hosted gmail account.

MyGmail View.png

So I downloaded the sample and modified just two lines to get it to work with my domain. I also shortened the text in the extension from “Gmail Inbox (x)” to “G (x)”. Now to build something I can share…

Vasanth Dharmaraj is a Java Architect currently working for Western Union living in the Bay Area. He is interested in programming, gadgets, formula one... You can follow him on Twitter.

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7 comments on “Created my first Chrome extension!
  1. Aaron says:

    Hello Vasanth,

    What URL did you use to make the Gmail checker work with your custom domain? I was trying to make this work for my domain and had no success.

  2. vincent says:

    Helo vasanth from long days im trying to access telugu website on Nokia Nseries and also i tried on iphone safari browser but not a single phone dosnt supports telugu web pages. im frustated pls help us to know which mobile handset supports telugu anxious to hear from you

  3. vb says:

    Which 2 lines did you change, when i change the code it doesn’t log in until i go to my gmail apps, once im there and logged in, this extension works, but i have to go to gmail first or it wont log in.

    • I changed the line
      gmail_atom_href = “”;


      Thats it. For me once I login it remembers my credentials till I re-open Chrome. I almost always have Chrome running. Maybe this is why I do not get the login problem.

  4. vb says:

    Yes, I’m experiencing the same thing. With regular gmail it keeps you logged in even after the browser closes. With apps you have to go to gmail first, then it will authenticate. There seems to be a difference in how apps makes you authenticate atom every time but the regular gmail feed remembers the authentication info even after the browser closes. Oh well… its all pretty early code. Thanks!

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