Chrome Mouse Gesture Extensions

I have been using Mouse Gestures for browsing for quite some time. Can not browse with out it once you get used to it. Till now I have been using gMote to get gestures working in Chrome. Now there is not one but three native gesture extensions for Chome. Check them out here.

I am using the one by os0x. Works great. Now if there was a Super drag and drop extension…

8 thoughts on “Chrome Mouse Gesture Extensions”

  1. Hi, a bit off-topic, but I love your Google Reader Notifier for Google Chrome, the only thing I don’t like so much is it uses https://
    I know you made it for yourself, but maybe you want to add an options form for it where the user can select whether he wants https or not.
    The reason is http loads faster and caches, there is normally not so much secret on public feeds and speed is important if you use it often (I guess that’s also a reason for using Chrome).

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