Bahrain Grand Prix 2010

Bahrain Grand Prix 2010
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Bahrain GP started of the much anticipated Formula 1 2010 season. The return of Schumacher, banning of refueling, four world champions competing, Alonso’s first race for the most famous team in F1 and a lot of new teams made this the most anticipated start of a season. Vettel got pole, the Ferraris were close behind in 2-3. Schumacher was a few tenths off Rosberg. Will the Ferraris leap ahead of Vettel? Will Schumi’s race pace be way better than Rosberg? …

Well Ferraris did pass the Red Bull of Vettel but only because Vettel had a problem. Schumi was slower than Rosberg. Hamilton got the first blood in the battle of the British in a British car.

In short the race was on of the more boring ones in recent history. With no refueling there was no changes in the running order due to strategy. Everyone were on a single stop strategy. The stop is kind of mandatory as each driver has to use both tires. Most of the top 10 qualified on soft tires and changed to hard ones when it wore out. Only significant change in order took place when Hamilton regained his starting position from Rosberg with a new set of tires.

Well with no refueling there should be more on track racing and overtaking. Right? Wrong! The only on track overtaking was Alonso taking on Massa in the first lap.

Why so dull? Well the fast cars are in the front after qualifying. Nobody seems to make mistakes and the pitstops are mere formality as there is nothing setting the teams apart. Hopefully the teams think of some innovative strategy to get past in the short pitstops and liven things up. Otherwise we are in for some more dull races.

At least Ferrari are fast and finished 1-2.

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