Eclipse Plugin: StartExplorer


When I am working with Eclipse quite a few times I would copy a file’s path or want to open a location in Command Prompt to run some scripts. This is always cumbersome. I have to go to the properties and copy the path, go to command prompt, cd to the location…

StartExplorer is a nice plugin that does all of these and more. The screenshot should say a lot… Options like show resource in explorer, start cmd.exe here topped with keyboard shortcuts. Saves a lot of time for me everyday. You can create custom commands too.

Vasanth Dharmaraj is a Java Architect currently working for Western Union living in the Bay Area. He is interested in programming, gadgets, formula one... You can follow him on Twitter.

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2 comments on “Eclipse Plugin: StartExplorer
  1. Andre says:


    it’s good plugin. I’m using EasyShell ( because it has support for other OS (Windows, Linux etc.) and lot of shells like Cygwin, PowerShell and custom commands.


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