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I have been using LogMeIn previously to remotely connect to my Tablet PC or Desktop at home for sometime. Like I mentioned earlier the free version was sufficient for my needs. They have an iPhone app but it costs $30. I don’t remotely connect often to shell out 30 bucks.

Recently I found TeamViewer via Download Squad. TeamViewer is free for personal use and has a free iPhone app too. It works great. Now if I need to look at some documents on my home computer I can just fire up the app in my iPhone and find it. Nice. Should be interesting to see how this works on an iPad.

5 thoughts on “TeamViewer for iPhone

  1. Hi Vasanth,
    Thanks also from our side for using the TeamViewer iPhone app. We are glad to provide a free version which helps private users to stay connected.

    If you should need any information concerning TeamViewer just drop me a line.

    Marketing, TeamViewer

  2. Interesting on TeamViewer – Just to offer a choice, one alternative is NTRsupport from NTRglobal. Admittedly, i do work for NTRglobal on occasion, so I am not neutral. Let me just add one thing: NTRsupport works, period, and you can try it for free. It’s always good to have an alternative for comparison, and I know NTR loves when folks put their products head to head.

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