Samsung Galaxy S and US Carriers

Samsung Captivate []

Samsung Galaxy S phones are coming to almost all US Mobile Carriers. The phone compares well with even the iPhone 4. The screen Super AMOLED seems to match the Retina Display. The Samsung Hummingbird processor is very capable too. I would love to get myself a Samsung Captivate as soon as it becomes available. I like my iPhone but it is getting a bit boring to use. I can’t tweak or hack it like the other smartphones I have had. Android seems to be the most tweak-able phone OS out there now.

But what is worrying is how every carrier apart from Sprint has removed the front facing camera from the phone. The original Galaxy S has a front facing camera. Looks like they don’t want anyone to be using video chat over their network. My Dad and Brother both have a Nokia N900 and seem to be video chatting using Skype. Why can’t I get a Android phone that can do it too?

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  1. Thanks for the nice article, I’m eagerly awaiting my Samsung Captivate from T-Mobile once they basically confirm that they’re carrying it. I was in my neighborhood shop today and experienced a hold of their own dummy unit. It looks as well as feels very much better than I imagined. This is going to be the phone to get. Never mind the iPhone 4g, the Galaxy S is where it’s at. As for me, I’m upgrading from a Samsung Pixon after an 18 month contract and am delighted to have finally settled on the Galaxy S. The decision process was fraught with many, many hours of study on the web. I was close to an HTC Desire and even closer to an Xperia X10 but then, from out of nowhere, I came across the review of the Galaxy S and it just does everything so well.

  2. Does anyone know which sort of video files are supported? I remember the Instinct solely may dl 3gp utilizing opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, possibly that’s the problem? How can I watch movies from websites aside from youtube? Which file varieties? Usually I’m given the option of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get both to work. Thanks in your time! Rattling I wish I was eligible for the improve to EVO!

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