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Droid Save/Droid Save IP Updated

I have updated a couple of my Android applications in the Market. The apps are simple. They save any links you share to either Instapaper or Read It Later services. The main new feature is offline capability. You can save

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Android App Spotlight: Smooth Calendar

One main reason I like Android over iPhone is widgets. With widgets I can, at a glance, look at the information I need. In iPhone I had to open an app, waiting for it to load and then finding the

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Motorola Atrix 4G @ CES 2011

I have been following CES 2011 as any geek would. As expected there announcements of Android Tablets, 3D TVs, glassless 3D TVs, 3D laptops… But the one thing that caught my attention is Motorola Atrix 4G. It is a Nvidia’s

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Android App Spotlight: Callend Vibrate

Callend Vibrate is a super simple app. All it does is vibrates the phone when a call ends. iPhone does this by default. I kind of missed this in Android. This app fills this missing feature on my phone. Saves

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Android App Spotlight: DailyStrip

I like reading a few comic strips like Dilbert, Garfield. I used to subscribe to them via a RSS feed. But I sometimes miss reading them because there are so many posts in my Google Reader. DailyStrip is a comic

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Android App Spotlight: AppBrain

Google has a site for Android Market which list all the apps available in the Market. But it is not a very user friendly site to navigate and find apps. I does not even have a search feature! Whats Google’s

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Android App Spotlight: Tasker

It does not matter if there are only 100,000 apps in the Android Market or 300,000 in the Apple App Store. There are some great Android apps out there. Some apps do stuff only iPhone apps can dream off. The

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Droid Save: My first Android app

I like my Android phone a lot. I almost always use it to read tweets, email and follow blogs on Google Reader. As good as the 4 inch Super AMOLED screen is, sometimes I like to read longer articles on

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My New Phone: Samsung Captivate

Well I think I got it almost two months ago. Haven’t had time to blog about it. I got a Samsung Captivate. It is the AT&T version of the Galaxy S phone with Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Hummingbird processor and

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Running Android Emulator with Market

I have been thinking of getting an Android phone to replace my iPhone 3GS. There is only so much you can tweak on the iPhone. Apps are great but I want glance able widgets on the main screen like every

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