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Browser Chooser


I use multiple browsers. There are a good number of them out there. I use Chrome as my primary browser but also use IE and Firefox. Some sites work only with IE. I know that sucks but the Outlook Web Access my company provides is an aging version and only IE renders an usable version.

The trouble is which browser do I set as default. Links from external applications open up in the default browser. Here is where Browser Chooser comes in handy. It registers itself as the default browser. When I click on a link in any application it shows a dialog like above and lets me choose the browser I want to open. Simple but very useful. Check it out.

Chrome Extension: AniWeather

I came across this cool Chrome extension called AniWeather today. The extension as the name says shows the current weather in the extensions area in Chrome. At preset intervals it pops up a nice notification as shown in the screenshot above.

When you click on the notification you get a nice overlay showing five day forecasts and options to view weather of other cities. When the weather displayed in the area highlighted above is clicked it opens up the preference page. Here the default city can be changed and other cities can be added. There is also options to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, Miles to Kilometer etc.

Being a fellow extensions developer, the most interesting aspects of the extension is the popup notification, page overlay and the way of storing preference. I have not seen such notifications and overlay in any other extension. Chrome currently provides no way to store preferences apart from cookies. Everyone is waiting for HTML 5 Local Storage. This developer ingeniously stores the information on the extension’s site without needing any login information. Cool. Check it out.

Repackaged my Chrome Extensions

Google has made some breaking changes to the extension system. One key change is the extension packaging. Check out this page for all the details.

I have repackaged my chrome extensions and they are available here:
  1. PageRank for Chrome
  2. Google Reader Notifier for Chrome

Go get them.

As usual you have to be on the dev channel to use extensions and start chrome with the parameter –enable-extensions.

With the current build ( there is a bug preventing installing extensions by just clicking on the link. You have to download the extension by right clicking the link and choose Save link as… Once downloaded double click on the extension to install it. 

Chrome Extension: Goolge Reader Notifier


Yesterday I blogged about my first chrome extension. Now I have my second one: Goolge Reader Notifier. It is a simple extension that shows the unread posts count in Google Reader in the bookmarks bar. Look at the screenshot above.

You have to be logged in to Reader to get this to work. But you need not have Reader opened in a tab. There are no settings for the extension.

To install and use extensions in Chrome you have to be on the dev channel and start Chrome with the parameter --enable-extensions. Now download the extension below. Choose OK in the dialog that is shown. Now the plugin should be installed and you can restart Chrome to see the extension. (If you do not have the bookmarks bar visible press Ctrl+B to see it)

Let me know how this works.


Due to some braking changes in the API, I have updated and posted the extension here. Updated screenshot below: