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Browser Chooser

I use multiple browsers. There are a good number of them out there. I use Chrome as my primary browser but also use IE and Firefox. Some sites work only with IE. I know that sucks but the Outlook Web

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Chrome Mouse Gesture Extensions

I have been using Mouse Gestures for browsing for quite some time. Can not browse with out it once you get used to it. Till now I have been using gMote to get gestures working in Chrome. Now there is

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Chrome Extension: AniWeather

I came across this cool Chrome extension called AniWeather today. The extension as the name says shows the current weather in the extensions area in Chrome. At preset intervals it pops up a nice notification as shown in the screenshot

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Repackaged my Chrome Extensions

Google has made some breaking changes to the extension system. One key change is the extension packaging. Check out this page for all the details. I have repackaged my chrome extensions and they are available here: PageRank for Chrome Google

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Chrome Extension: Page Rank for Chrome

My previous Chrome extension has been downloaded about 140 times and is already in its second version. I have developed another extension: Page Rank for Chrome. As the name suggests it shows the Google PageRank of the current page. Simple.

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Chrome Extension: Goolge Reader Notifier

Yesterday I blogged about my first chrome extension. Now I have my second one: Goolge Reader Notifier. It is a simple extension that shows the unread posts count in Google Reader in the bookmarks bar. Look at the screenshot above.

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