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Steps to Migrate from dasBlog to WordPress

I just moved my blog from dasBlog to WordPress. I have been one of the first users of dasBlog. I started blogging in 2003 with BlogX by Chris Anderson. dasBlog is a spin off of BlogX and I moved to

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Migrated to WordPress

I have migrated this blog to WordPress from dasBlog. I have setup some of most of the redirects and a few more pages have to be moved to the new site. I will blog more about how I did this

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Just added Snap Preview Anywhere™ to this blog

Just saw Snap Preview Anywhere™ over at TechCrunch. Looked cool so I added it here. The service shows a thumbnail preview of any external link in this blog. I find it kind of useful to see where any link leads to.

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92% of all comments are spam

Akismet is a spam filtering service for blog comments and trackbacks. Here is that they say in their site: We can’t stand spam. Who can? You have better things to do with your life than deal with the underbelly of

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Windows Live Writer

I have been a long time user of BlogJet, for publishing to this blog. But unfortunately could not use it behind my company’s proxy. I recently found a open source .Net based tool. It too did not work behind the

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PostXING: A .Net Open Source Weblog Publishing Tool

I just found out about PostXING. It is a open source weblog publishing tool written in C#. Looks pretty cool. It supports Metaweblog API. Seems to work with dasBlog. I hope this works well behind my office proxy. Will test

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Weird Comment Spam?

I have been getting some weird comment spam lately. Check out the above two comments for this post. It looks relevant plus got my name right. They are posted from different IP addresses and the site link points to different

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AdSense Tweaks

I have been reading ProBlogger for a few weeks. Well I am not planning on becoming a ProBlogger. But I did add AdSense ads on this blog a year ago and wanted to see if I can improve the earnings

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dasBlog Extra Macros 1.2

I have added five more macros to dasBlog Extra. Here is a list of the new macros. FeedBlitz NEW Use: <FeedBlitz(“feedid”)|extra%> Description: This macro generates the FeedBlitz subscription form. The feed id is passed as a parameter. Template: Any template

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Deepest Sender: Another Firefox blogging extension

I had blogged about Performacing For Firefox earlier. Today I found another blogging client that runs inside Firefox. Deepest Sender. It has got a WYSIWYG editor. It supports LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and metaWeblog blogs. I am able to post to

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