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10 Most Expensive and Least Expensive Cars in The World

I get a lot of hits in this blog from people looking for most expensive car in the world. I had posted the 2005 list years ago. I was curious to see how the list is this year. Bugatti Veyron takes the top spot now. There are a few other old names in there list Pagani, Porche… According to here are the most expensive cars in the world:

  1. Bugatti Veyron $1,192,057
  2. Pagani Zonda C12 F $667,321
  3. SSC Ultimate Aero $654,400
  4. LeBlanc Mirabeau $645,084
  5. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo $555,000
  6. Koenigsegg CCX $545,568
  7. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren $457,250
  8. Porsche Carrera GT $440,000
  9. Maybach 62 $385,250
  10. Maybach 57 S $367,000



In light of the economy I also looked up the cheapest cars in the US []:

  1. Hyundai Accent GS Base Hatchback, $10,665
  2. Nissan Versa 1.6 Sedan, $10,685
  3. Kia Rio Base Sedan, $12,145
  4. Chevrolet Aveo, $12,625
  5. Smart Fortwo Pure, $12,635
  6. Toyota Yaris 3-door, $12,925
  7. Suzuki SX4 Sedan, $13,994
  8. Kia Spectra LX, $14,200
  9. Hyundai Elantra GLS, $14,795
  10. Mistubishi Lancer DE, $15,035

Hyundai Accent GS Base Hatchback

Of the cheapest cars in the US, I have only driven the Nissan Versa. Speaking of cheap cars, the world’s cheapest car, The Tata Nano will be launched in Mumbai on March 23, 2009.

Steps to Migrate from dasBlog to WordPress

I just moved my blog from dasBlog to WordPress. I have been one of the first users of dasBlog. I started blogging in 2003 with BlogX by Chris Anderson. dasBlog is a spin off of BlogX and I moved to it soon. I have created many macros/plugins for dasBlog and was very happy with it.

But off late the development of dasBlog has some what stalled and no new features are being added. I also singed up for a PHP/Linux host for a different project. I though why not give WordPress a shot. So far it has been very interesting. There are a huge number of themes, plugins… I am sure I am going to waste a lot of time trying things out. I have also started learning PHP…

Anyway here is how I migrated from dasBlog to WordPress:

  1. Installed WordPress. My web host, Bluehost, provides a very simple way to install wordpress.
  2. Back up posts and comments from dasBlog. I used this tool to convert dasBlog posts to BlogML. This was straightforward.
  3. For importing the posts I used a plugin originally created by Aaron lerch and updated by Kavinda. This was a bit tricky. My WordPress install allowed uploads of only 2MB files. My BlogML file was about 3.8MB. Wow! I have about 1250 posts! So I had to split up my BlogML file into two. But there was more problems. I still could not import the file. Some memory errors. I do not know enough PHP to fix that. So I split up the BlogML file further and imported them one by one. I made sure I downloaded each of the permalinks.csv generated.
  4. Then I setup the redirects. This is why I saved the permalinks file before. The import plugin generated a CSV file with the old and new permalink. I made sure I set up the permalinks to my liking before the import. I converted this CSV to a .htaccess to do 301 redirects and added it to my site’s root folder.
  5. Now I just copied my contents folder from my dasBlog installations so that all the images and binary files still had the same URL.
  6. That’s it the migration was done. Well I did have to migrate some of my static pages manually and setup redirects…

I sure will post about my thoughts on WordPress as I use it more.

Knight Rider returns…

I am a big fan of the original Knight Rider series starring David Hasslehoff. I was checking out all the hype on the Internet of the new Knight Rider. I wanted to watch the movie pilot but missed it on Sunday. Well there is a rerun on coming Saturday but who wants to wait. So I check out to see if they got it. Well they did and I saw the entire thing with no commercial interruption. Better than watching it on TV! Yeah!

Seeing all the photos and videos on earlier I was not very thrilled about the choice of car. Well the Mustang did not looks as cool as the Trans Am did back then. But it did not look that bad in the movie. As for the movie itself, well it was OK. Could have been better. I would watch the series though. I think, well hope, shorter 40 minute episodes would be more compelling.

By the way all the old Knight Rider seasons are available in Netflix for instant viewing. Till the new season starts you can enjoy the old one. :-)

FJ Cruiser and Snow


It is snowing here in NJ today. I just realized that it is good to have a almost vertical windshield in the car. The snow just slides off and there is no ice formation in the glass. :-) Well it was not snowing much. Anyway while others were scrubbing ice off their wind shield I just brushed off some snow and drove away…

All wheel drive (4WD) is also not that bad while driving on snow. :-)

Looking back at 2007

Towards the end of 2005 I posted a look back on the year. Last year I missed doing that. Thinking about 2007 I can say without looking at any stats that I had blogged very less. In July I had posted a about my four years of blogging. I had posted only 30 times till then. It has not been much better since. The total posts in 2007 is only 72, very less compared to 169 in 2006 and 407 in 2005.

Anyway looking at the posts this year. I got my US drivers licence this year. Went on my first road trip in US. I bought my first car which I really like. I got a Mac. I have not converted to Mac. I use both the Mac Mini and my Tablet PC. I like them both. I did get a new Lenovo X61 Tablet too. I got a new smart phone Cingular 8525. I swap between this and my Nokia E61.

I got to follow on of the best Formula 1 seasons in recent history with Kimi of Ferrari winning in a very thrilling finale.

Well I got more gadgets this year, there are some I have not blogged about…

There are a few more I do not remember! Too many?

Here are some graphs and stats about this blog:


Here is posts per month in 2007 compared with the previous years: (The tiny blue bars are for 2007 :-( )


Traffic wise it has not been as bad as the number of posts. There is an increase in traffic from 2006. Most of the traffic is still from Google.



Feedburner tells me that I have 432 subscribers to my main feed and another 61 from my eclipse feed. Google Reader seems to be the most popular feed reader followed by Bloglines.


In terms of browsers, IE still is the leading browser but with only 47.4% share. Firefox is second with 27.3%. Then there is “unknown browser” 23.3% share. This consists of all the feed reader bots!



Anyway in 2005 I earned USD 140 from Google AdSense. I wanted this to increase to USD 150 to cover my hosting costs. It increased to USD 414 in 2006 and USD 520 in 2007. Not bad. Now it does cover my hosting charges plus my exchange hosted email too. Cool.


Looking ahead to 2008, I hope I post more regularly and buy more gadgets. :-)