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Google TV Explained

When Google announced the Google TV, it seemed amazing but not completely clear how it worked. Now Google has released a video explaining this. But what is still not clear to me is how Google TV can integrate with DVRs

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Chrome Mouse Gesture Extensions

I have been using Mouse Gestures for browsing for quite some time. Can not browse with out it once you get used to it. Till now I have been using gMote to get gestures working in Chrome. Now there is

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Looks like everyone is talking about Chrome OS…

… about an OS they know nothing about! Oh well.

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HTC Hero

  Check out the video demo of the new HTC’s new GUI built on top of Android. I always liked the HTC GUIs on Windows Mobile phones. I  thought they would port this to Android. But they have totally created

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Chrome Extension: AniWeather

I came across this cool Chrome extension called AniWeather today. The extension as the name says shows the current weather in the extensions area in Chrome. At preset intervals it pops up a nice notification as shown in the screenshot

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Cool Google Maps Feature: Traffic at day and time

Sometimes you might have to drive to an appointment along a route you are not familiar with. You might want to know how the traffic would be like at various times of the day so that you can pick the

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Get a friends’ birthday calendar from Orkut in Google Calendar

Most of my friends are in Orkut. For sometime Orkut had a feature which shows upcoming birthdays of friends in the homepage. This is useful but I do not sign in to Orkut that often. But thanks to Rags Blog,

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