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digiTweet a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) twitter client

digiTweet is a interesting Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) twitter client. It is kind of like TweetDeck but I like the layout of digiTweet better. But it does not have all the features of TweetDeck like groups, TwitScoop… But the question

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Windows Azure: Microsoft’s Cloud OS

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s entry into the Cloud OS space, if there is one. It is a direct competitor for Amazon’s Cloud setup. Whats interesting is that Eclipse is mentioned as “Coming Soon” as a development tool. Nice. But Cloud

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Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight, yes you read that right. Microsoft is funding the Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight project and it is being developed by Soyatec. Soyatec is a Elipse founding member and the developer of tools like eUML2,

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Cayra: A Cool WPF MindMap Tool

After I started to work on Ink Tweet, now named Twink based on popular demand, I have been reading a lot about developing in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and the software out there built using WPF. There is a whole

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Kaxaml: Cool lightweight Xaml Editor

Kaxaml is a very light (717KB!!!) Xaml editor. It looks amazing and is very fast and responsive. I have been exploring Xaml a bit for Twink. That is when I stumbled upon this tool by Robby Ingebretsen. He has released

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Hello Android

Well here is my obligatory Hello World app with Android SDK. I would try developing a more serious app if the phone with Android were to be released soon. For now I do have Windows Mobile phone, Cingular 8525, with

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New versions of desktop feed readers

I really like the Google Reader for reading feeds I am interested in. But from time to time I do check out the desktop feed readers to see if they got any cool new features. They mostly don’t. I am

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Why a desktop blog client?

Recently I have posted about PostXING and Windows Live Writer. A couple of people have commented in the first post asking why I need a desktop blogging tool and whether is adds new features. Well, first I am kind of

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Windows Live Writer

I have been a long time user of BlogJet, for publishing to this blog. But unfortunately could not use it behind my company’s proxy. I recently found a open source .Net based tool. It too did not work behind the

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Digg like sites for developers

The tech news aggregator Digg has rapidly risen in popularity in recent times eclipsing even Slashdot as the news for nerds. Just today they released V3.0 of their site where it expands from just tech news into other areas like

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