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XMind: Mind mapping in Eclipse

Xmind is an Open Source Eclipse based mind mapping tool. It can run as a stand alone application or as a plugin within Eclipse. The application looks good and has a decent set of features. It also lets you upload

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Eclipse Tip: Trace method call chains

When reviewing or fixing some old code have you though where is this method called from? Eclipse provides a nice way to find that out. Just go to the method in Java Editor and press Ctrl+Alt+H. Eclipse opens up a

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Eclipse Tip: Escape text when pasting

When you paste some text in to a string have you seen this? The problem is that the string is not escaped. This gives you a error. Fixing this is not easy if you have pasted text that needs a

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Eclipse Tip: Java Compare Editor

In Eclipse 3.5 there are a few significant enhancements. Now it looks and feels more like the Java Editor. It supports Content Assist, Code Formating, Hyperlinking, Java Doc on Hover and Quick Outline. Code Assist Code Hyperlinking Quick Outline JavaDoc

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WebKit for SWT

Genuitec has released WebKit for SWT. It is a embeddable WebKit based browser for Java. It is an SWT component so it can be added to any Eclipse RCP/SWT applications. They also plan to release a Swing based component later.

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Eclipse Tip: Incremental Find or Find as You Type

Eclipse has many ways of doing things. Finding the way that suits you can be tricky. The standard find dialog triggered by Crtl+F is, well, standard. But if you are a keyboard junkie then it kind of gets in the

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Eclipse Tip: Organize Imports and Java Import Style

Default import style in EclipseChange it to suite your style How do you import class in Java? Do you import each class explicitly or use the wildcard character to import the complete package? There are aesthetic pros and cons with

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Eclipse FireFly: Mobile RIA IDE

There is a new Eclipse project proposal: FireFly. Here is its introduction: The FireFly DevKit project intends to develop an extensible mobile web developer kit for use in creating and testing traditional and next-generation mobile RIA applications.  The new generation

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Windows Azure: Microsoft’s Cloud OS

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s entry into the Cloud OS space, if there is one. It is a direct competitor for Amazon’s Cloud setup. Whats interesting is that Eclipse is mentioned as “Coming Soon” as a development tool. Nice. But Cloud

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Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight, yes you read that right. Microsoft is funding the Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight project and it is being developed by Soyatec. Soyatec is a Elipse founding member and the developer of tools like eUML2,

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