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Eclipse Plugin: Wicked Shell

A lot of Java development involves an IDE and a Shell window or two. The Shell is Command Prompt (cmd.exe) in my case as I develop on Windows. This cool Eclipse plugin reduces one window in my task bar: Wicked

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Eclipse Tip: Java Editor Breadcrumb Navigation Bar

One new feature of Eclipse 3.4 is the Java editor’s Breadcrumb Navigation Bar. This can be enabled with the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+B or using a tool bar button. Like the name suggests it provides a breadcrumb path for the current

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Eclipse Tip: Custom Surround With

Previously I have posted the following tips: Eclipse Tip: Surround WithEclipse Tip: Remove Surrounding Statement I thought that I will add to it a little bit. In Eclipse you can now add your own “Surround With” templates. Let us say

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Eclipse Tip: Add imports with Code Templates

Code templates have been in Eclipse for a long time. I have blogged about it a long time ago. I have been using it for inserting commonly used statements like logging statements… When I am inserting a logger declaration I

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Eclipse Tip: Format edited lines on Save

Hm… It has been a long time since I posted an Eclipse Tip. I thought I will blog about this cool new feature in Eclipse Ganymede. Previously I have posted about Save Actions in Eclipse. One of the feature I

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Eclipse Tip: Specify Environment Variables for Launched Applications

Many times when I launch applications, I would like to change the environment variable the application uses for testing. Eclipse’s Environment tab in the Launch Configuration (Run>Run Configurations) lets you set this. Using this I can have a launch configuration for each

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Eclipse Tip: Remove Surrounding Statement

One of my previous tips from long ago is the Surround With feature. What we have today is kind of the opposite to that. It removes the surrounding statement. Let say we have a if statement. We go to the

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Eclipse vs Netbeans: Mark Occurrences

  Regular readers to this blog would know that I am a fan of Eclipse. I post a few tips about Eclipse, I have developed a couple of Eclipse plugins and I am an Eclipse user since 2002.  With that out the

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Hello Android

Well here is my obligatory Hello World app with Android SDK. I would try developing a more serious app if the phone with Android were to be released soon. For now I do have Windows Mobile phone, Cingular 8525, with

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Eclipse Tip: Hover to view source

There are different hovers in Eclipse which are shown based on modifiers like Shift, Ctrl… One of such hovers is pops up when the ‘Shift’ key is pressed when hovering over a class or method in the Java editor. This

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