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Running Android Emulator with Market

I have been thinking of getting an Android phone to replace my iPhone 3GS. There is only so much you can tweak on the iPhone. Apps are great but I want glance able widgets on the main screen like every

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Samsung Galaxy Beam – Phone with a projector!

This is cool. The Galaxy Bean can project an image between the size of 5 inches to 50 inches! Can not imagine how the battery life will be. It should be interesting to go to meetings with just a phone

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Samsung Galaxy S and US Carriers

Samsung Captivate [] Samsung Galaxy S phones are coming to almost all US Mobile Carriers. The phone compares well with even the iPhone 4. The screen Super AMOLED seems to match the Retina Display. The Samsung Hummingbird processor is very

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Thoughts on iOS4

iOS 4 was released yesterday. The update took a couple of hours for me. Everyone must have been downloading it. But I was watching Portugal score a sea of goals against North Korea while I waited. The update completed without

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Google TV Explained

When Google announced the Google TV, it seemed amazing but not completely clear how it worked. Now Google has released a video explaining this. But what is still not clear to me is how Google TV can integrate with DVRs

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Android now runs on iPhone 3G

Can’t wait for it to come out for the 3GS. It would be interesting to try it out. Read all about it here.

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iPhone running Android

Check out the linux on the iPhone blog. Awesome. I should try this.

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Windows Phone 7 Series

Looks like Microsoft made a clean start with Windows Phone 7 Series except for the name. Love how they have integrated integrated Windows Live and Facebook. Check out the video above. I hope the ISV and Carriers don’t mess it

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Thoughts on iPad

  There was too much hype. Lot of Apple patents was associated with it. It was to be the greatest thing to come from Steve Jobs’ mind. Finally when it is unveiled, it is just a big iPod Touch. Here

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Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

One of the best demos I have seen. This guys in amazing!

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