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Running standalone Groovy scripts

As I mentioned in my post Learning Groovy, I am writing Groovy scripts to automate some simple tasks. Now I want to share the scripts with others. I did not want them to install Groovy just to run the scripts.

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Infinitest: A continuous test runner for Java.

Infinitest is a continuous test runner for Java. Infinitest is an Eclipse plugin that runs the JUnit tests instantly when you save a Java file. Check out the demo above. It smartly runs only the test affected by the file

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Learning Groovy

I have dabbled a bit with scripting languages before but for some reason never really used one long term. I think that might change with Groovy. A colleague of mine got me interested in it and I have been picking

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Droid Save/Droid Save IP Updated

I have updated a couple of my Android applications in the Market. The apps are simple. They save any links you share to either Instapaper or Read It Later services. The main new feature is offline capability. You can save

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Android App Spotlight: AppBrain

Google has a site for Android Market which list all the apps available in the Market. But it is not a very user friendly site to navigate and find apps. I does not even have a search feature! Whats Google’s

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Droid Save: My first Android app

I like my Android phone a lot. I almost always use it to read tweets, email and follow blogs on Google Reader. As good as the 4 inch Super AMOLED screen is, sometimes I like to read longer articles on

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Eclipse Tip: Instance count when debugging

The variable view in Eclipse Helios has a new column called Instance Count. You can view it by selecting the column in Select Columns… option as shown below. A simple solution to understand memory consumption.

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Eclipse Plugin: StartExplorer

When I am working with Eclipse quite a few times I would copy a file’s path or want to open a location in Command Prompt to run some scripts. This is always cumbersome. I have to go to the properties

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JD: Amazing Java Decompiler

I just found this cool Java Decompiler, JD from Alon Aizenberg’s Tech Blog. It is just a single small exe (682kb) that can open jar files and decompile classes in an instant. The look and feel of the application is

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How to find the version a Java class was compiled with?

I wanted to lookup the Java version a class was compiled with. I was getting an error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: (MyClass) bad major version at offset=6 Thanks to StackOverflow I found out the following command I did not know before: javap -verbose

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