Which mobile blogging client to use?

My Nokia E71 with the excellent keyboard should be a good mobile blogging solution. I am looking for a good blogging client. I use WordPress for my blog so I guess most clients should work with it. Here are a few I found: MoPress – This is a J2ME based client. I could not find any screenshots on how it looks. I like good looking software. Thinking if I should even install this. Wavelog – This is a commercial software. From the reviews looks like the one with the most features. Should I pay for a blogging client? Depends on … Continue reading Which mobile blogging client to use?

Eclipse Tip: Java Compare Editor

In Eclipse 3.5 there are a few significant enhancements. Now it looks and feels more like the Java Editor. It supports Content Assist, Code Formating, Hyperlinking, Java Doc on Hover and Quick Outline. Code Assist Code Hyperlinking Quick Outline JavaDoc on Hover

WebKit for SWT

Genuitec has released WebKit for SWT. It is a embeddable WebKit based browser for Java. It is an SWT component so it can be added to any Eclipse RCP/SWT applications. They also plan to release a Swing based component later. Cool. WebKit for SWT (ver. 0.5) is an embeddable Java™ WebKit browser component developed by Genuitec. This component can be used in the development of a wide range of Java SWT applications that require integration of rich HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Flash content and functionality. WebKit for SWT is being developed to serve as a technology platform for our OSS … Continue reading WebKit for SWT

Eclipse Tip: Organize Imports and Java Import Style

Default import style in EclipseChange it to suite your style How do you import class in Java? Do you import each class explicitly or use the wildcard character to import the complete package? There are aesthetic pros and cons with either approach. There is no performance impact with either approach. Eclipse provides a useful shortcut to Organize Imports: Ctrl + Shift + O. By default this imports each class explicitly. Not very useful when you want to import using the wildcard character. There is a way to control how Eclipse organizes imports. Go to Window>Preferences>Java>Code Style>Organize Imports. There is an … Continue reading Eclipse Tip: Organize Imports and Java Import Style

Eclipse FireFly: Mobile RIA IDE

There is a new Eclipse project proposal: FireFly. Here is its introduction: The FireFly DevKit project intends to develop an extensible mobile web developer kit for use in creating and testing traditional and next-generation mobile RIA applications.  The new generation of high-speed data networks and powerful mobile internet devices such as smartphones equipped with web browsing capabilities like the iPhone are enabling a dramatic new level of personal and social connected-ness for millions of mobile users. These users effectively take the web with them wherever they go. Unfortunately much of the web content and services currently available to mobile users … Continue reading Eclipse FireFly: Mobile RIA IDE

Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight, yes you read that right. Microsoft is funding the Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight project and it is being developed by Soyatec. Soyatec is a Elipse founding member and the developer of tools like eUML2, eBPMN and eFace. They already have a build for download. At the moment the download is available only for Windows. Seems like other OSes are coming. Interesting…

E71 App: YouTube J2ME Edition

The iPhone and iPod Touch have a nice YouTube app. I wanted to see if there is a similar app for the Nokia E71. There are a few, of course, EmTube, Mobitubia and the official YouTube client. I could not get to EmTube site. Mobitubia seems too flashy. So I installed the official version. Looks and works great. The video plays fine on E71. Cool.

Eclipse Plugin: Wicked Shell

A lot of Java development involves an IDE and a Shell window or two. The Shell is Command Prompt (cmd.exe) in my case as I develop on Windows. This cool Eclipse plugin reduces one window in my task bar: Wicked Shell. It just puts the OS’s default shell, bash for Linux and cmd.exe for Windows, in Eclipse as a view. You can have multiple shells open. It provides look and feel customizations, command history and code completion… Pretty cool. Check it out…

Eclipse Tip: Java Editor Breadcrumb Navigation Bar

One new feature of Eclipse 3.4 is the Java editor’s Breadcrumb Navigation Bar. This can be enabled with the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+B or using a tool bar button. Like the name suggests it provides a breadcrumb path for the current element in the editor. This is kind of like the location bar in Windows Explorer in Vista. You can navigate to other elements in the same level. ex. the highest level shows all the elements of the class. Or you can right click on the path element to perform any action using the context menu. ex. quickly copy the fully … Continue reading Eclipse Tip: Java Editor Breadcrumb Navigation Bar

Eclipse Tip: Custom Surround With

Previously I have posted the following tips: Eclipse Tip: Surround WithEclipse Tip: Remove Surrounding Statement I thought that I will add to it a little bit. In Eclipse you can now add your own “Surround With” templates. Let us say we need to surround a piece of code with comments like: Select the code and press Alt+Shift+Z and select “Configure Templates”. Now create a template with the variable ${line_selection} in it. By using this variable the template shows up automatically in the Surround With templates and this is the location where the selected text will be in the end. Here … Continue reading Eclipse Tip: Custom Surround With