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Eclipse Tip: Instance count when debugging

The variable view in Eclipse Helios has a new column called Instance Count. You can view it by selecting the column in Select Columns… option as shown below. A simple solution to understand memory consumption.

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Play Pac-Man on Google

Google usually have different doodles based on the day like 4th of July etc… Today is Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversay so it is no surprise that the doodle is a pac-man doodle. But the kicker is that it is playable. Just

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TeamViewer for iPhone

  I have been using LogMeIn previously to remotely connect to my Tablet PC or Desktop at home for sometime. Like I mentioned earlier the free version was sufficient for my needs. They have an iPhone app but it costs

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Browser Chooser

I use multiple browsers. There are a good number of them out there. I use Chrome as my primary browser but also use IE and Firefox. Some sites work only with IE. I know that sucks but the Outlook Web

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Eclipse Plugin: StartExplorer

When I am working with Eclipse quite a few times I would copy a file’s path or want to open a location in Command Prompt to run some scripts. This is always cumbersome. I have to go to the properties

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Gordon: An open source Flash™ runtime written in pure JavaScript

Tobias Schneider has created a open source Flash runtime in purely JavaScript and HTML5. It is called Gordon. Flash Gordon. Get it. Check out some demos hosted by Paul Irish. This runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Yes, It

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JD: Amazing Java Decompiler

I just found this cool Java Decompiler, JD from Alon Aizenberg’s Tech Blog. It is just a single small exe (682kb) that can open jar files and decompile classes in an instant. The look and feel of the application is

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Chrome Mouse Gesture Extensions

I have been using Mouse Gestures for browsing for quite some time. Can not browse with out it once you get used to it. Till now I have been using gMote to get gestures working in Chrome. Now there is

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Portable Eclipse and Portable Java

I like portable software. I carry around a bunch of them in my flash drive. I just found out that both Java and Eclipse are available as portable versions at The Java version they have is Java 6 update

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Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0: The one and only Nokia desktop application

Nokia has had many desktop applications: Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Nseries PC Suite, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Software Updater, Nokia Map Loader, Nokia Music, Nokia Lifeblog, Nokia Photos, Nokia Device Status, and Nokia PC Suite Enterprise Edition. Now they are

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