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Readability – Super cool bookmarklet

I have to say I tried the Readability bookmarklet again after reading that Apple used its code in Safari’s Reader feature. Now it is my favorite way of reading articles. Readability™ is a simple tool that makes reading on the

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Play Pac-Man on Google

Google usually have different doodles based on the day like 4th of July etc… Today is Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversay so it is no surprise that the doodle is a pac-man doodle. But the kicker is that it is playable. Just

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Chrome Mouse Gesture Extensions

I have been using Mouse Gestures for browsing for quite some time. Can not browse with out it once you get used to it. Till now I have been using gMote to get gestures working in Chrome. Now there is

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Chrome Extension: AniWeather

I came across this cool Chrome extension called AniWeather today. The extension as the name says shows the current weather in the extensions area in Chrome. At preset intervals it pops up a nice notification as shown in the screenshot

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Cool Google Maps Feature: Traffic at day and time

Sometimes you might have to drive to an appointment along a route you are not familiar with. You might want to know how the traffic would be like at various times of the day so that you can pick the

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Repackaged my Chrome Extensions

Google has made some breaking changes to the extension system. One key change is the extension packaging. Check out this page for all the details. I have repackaged my chrome extensions and they are available here: PageRank for Chrome Google

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Created my first Jetpack extension!

Just like my first Chrome extension, I created my first Jetpack extension. Just like the chrome sample extension there is a Gmail checker sample. I modified two lines again to get it working in for my hosted gmail account. Developing

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Mozilla Collections

Mozilla has recently announced Mozilla Collections extension. I have been waiting for some thing like this for quite some time. I work with multiple computers: Work Desktop, Work Laptop, Personal Laptop, Mac Mini HTPC. I have Firefox installed on all

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PageRank for Chrome downloaded 2600+ times!

Wow! Downloads of my Chrome Extension PageRank for Chrome jumped to 2610 thanks to a mention in ReadWriteWeb. Cool…

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Changing Java AppEngine’s port number

I have been playing around with Google’s Java AppEngine. By default the local development server starts up in port 8080. This kind of messes with my development setup. Every app server I use Weblogic, Tomcat… uses this port by default.

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