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AdBlock for every browser

One of the main reasons for using Firefox is its fabulous ad blocking extension. Not it is not a reason not to use other browsers here is a list of ad blocking software available for every major browser: Firefox –

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digiTweet a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) twitter client

digiTweet is a interesting Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) twitter client. It is kind of like TweetDeck but I like the layout of digiTweet better. But it does not have all the features of TweetDeck like groups, TwitScoop… But the question

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Mozilla Weave Sync you bookmarks, tabs…

I have been a long term user of Foxmarks (now Xmarks) to sync my Firefox bookmarks across different PCs I use. Now Foxmarks supports Internet Explorer too. Mozilla has come out with a similar service which provides more. Weave not

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Email in Tamil with Gmail

Gmail just added a new feature to send emails in Indian languages. Go to the language options in the settings page to enable this. Once you do this you will see a “अ” icon. Click it and start typing phonetically.

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Get a friends’ birthday calendar from Orkut in Google Calendar

Most of my friends are in Orkut. For sometime Orkut had a feature which shows upcoming birthdays of friends in the homepage. This is useful but I do not sign in to Orkut that often. But thanks to Rags Blog,

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22 Gmail Labs Features I Have Enabled

I love Gmail’s labs features. I did not know how much till I made this list. I have 22 enabled out of 42! Wow there are 42? Here are the ones I have enabled: Choose which labels show up in

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6 Web Browsers for E71

I was just checking out a few web browsers on my E71. There are a total of 6 that I found! Wow! Built-in browser Opera Mini Skyfire Bolt Firefox – I don’t know where I installed this from. !?! TeaShark

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Searching the forums

A few weeks back, when I got my E71, I was searching for some cool tools for the phone. I tried searching on Google’s Blog Search. I mostly found reviews of the phone, a few blog posts about popular applications

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