TeamViewer for iPhone



I have been using LogMeIn previously to remotely connect to my Tablet PC or Desktop at home for sometime. Like I mentioned earlier the free version was sufficient for my needs. They have an iPhone app but it costs $30. I don’t remotely connect often to shell out 30 bucks.

Recently I found TeamViewer via Download Squad. TeamViewer is free for personal use and has a free iPhone app too. It works great. Now if I need to look at some documents on my home computer I can just fire up the app in my iPhone and find it. Nice. Should be interesting to see how this works on an iPad.

Browser Chooser


I use multiple browsers. There are a good number of them out there. I use Chrome as my primary browser but also use IE and Firefox. Some sites work only with IE. I know that sucks but the Outlook Web Access my company provides is an aging version and only IE renders an usable version.

The trouble is which browser do I set as default. Links from external applications open up in the default browser. Here is where Browser Chooser comes in handy. It registers itself as the default browser. When I click on a link in any application it shows a dialog like above and lets me choose the browser I want to open. Simple but very useful. Check it out.

Presto: Instant on for every PC?


I heard about Presto at jkontherun. It sounded very interesting:

With Presto you can start up your computer in seconds – or shut down in one second, like magic. You will be able to instantly start to e-mail, chat, Skype™, listen to music, surf the internet or download apps – before Windows XP or Vista even boots – and you will automatically be connected to the best available network.

  • Browse the web securely using Firefox™
  • Chat using instant messaging (IM)
  • Make free Skype™ to Skype™ calls
  • Listen to music and watch videos
  • View and edit documents created in Microsoft Office™
  • Download games, music, videos and more through the Presto Application Store

So I installed it on my tablet to try it out. The installation was very simple and straight forward. When I rebooted I was provided with an option to boot into Presto. Well I did not measure the time but it was not “instant on”. I could have booted into Windows 7 if I had waited for a few more seconds. Windows 7 boots really fast.

Once I booted up I was able to connect to my wireless LAN without any trouble. The big icons on the screen wanted me to use them with touch (my tablet has a touchscreen) but touch does not work. :-( Other wise the OS is usable but I hate the fonts! I was able to find and install a screenshot app without any problems.

Will I buy Presto for $20? No. I would give it a shot if it booted instantly or with in 5 seconds…

Windows 7 and Hosted Exchange Server Issue

I use a hosted exchange for my email based on this blog’s domain. Ever since I installed Windows 7 I could not login to this server via Outlook 2007.

I usually sign in using my email address as the username. But Outlook kept asking for my password even though I enter the correct one.

I came across Craig Pringle’s post about this issue. Here is the solution he proposes:

When you try to open Outlook you are prompted for credentials.  With most hosted Exchange providers you use your email address as the username.  If you do this on Windows 7 (M3) I have found that you are repeatedly prompted for your credentials but no matter how carefully and correctly you type your password it just keeps prompting you. 

If you run into this issue try entering you username in the DOMAIN\Username format instead of your email address.  I don’t know why this works, but I know it does for at least two Hosted Exchange providers.  Contact your hosted provider if you are not sure what the domain name is.

In the end he says to get the domain name from the hosted provider. My provider is I asked them but they tired to answer but I was not successful with the information they provided. They basically said I use as the domain name. Since Windows 7 is in beta they do not support it and may be I did not ask the right question.

But currently I was setting up the Exchange mail in my Nokia E71. Their support site said that I use “shared” as the domain name in one of the setting. I immediately tried “shared” as the domain name. And it worked! Cool.

So my suggestion is if you run into the same problem look for the domain information in setup instructions for Windows Mobile.