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Formula 1 2009 game coming to Wii

ING has news on the Formula 1 game by codemasters. They are going to bring out the F1 game only for the Wii and PSP this year. Glad that I have a Wii. Though I wish it came out for

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Flickr on Xbox 360 or PS3?

I love to share photos online with my parents in India. This is not a big problem. My Dad has high speed internet and is very computer savvy. But my Mom is not into computers but likes her Nintendo DS

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The Elite 360 Club

I got an Xbox 360 Elite. I had left my Xbox 360 in India at my parents house as it was the only HD source for the HDTV. Here my friend Rajesh was kind enough to let me use his

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Halo 3

Woohoo. Halo 3 is out. I got it. I won the first online game I played. The fun begins. First thought is that the games looks awesome nothing like the beta…

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Gears of War beats Halo 2

Finally a Xbox 360 game, Gears of War, has taken Halo 2 off the top of Xbox Live. Till now Halo 2 has been the top Xbox Live game even though it has been almost a year since 360 came out. Looks

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Watching Video Blogs on TV using Xbox 360

I watch a few Video Blogs or vlogs on and off. The GottaBeMobile‘s InkShow is one of my favorite. I usually download these and watch it on my Tablet PC. With the latest fall update of Xbox 360 and the

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Xbox 360 demo units spotted in India

I was at The Forum mall (Bangalore, of course) today. I entered the Adidas showroom, I found everything too damn costly. The T Shirt I got six months ago is twice the cost now! Well the rising costs is another blog post. As

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Portable Xbox 360

Well it is not a DS competitor we have been waiting for. It is a case mod by Benjamin J Heckendorn. He calls it Xbox 360 Laptop. It uses a 17″ wide screen LCD. It is water cooled, has built

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WMP 11 streaming music to Xbox 360

Just after getting my 360 I blogged about not being able to use Windows Media Connect to stream music and photos to the console from my primary PC, my tablet. Well I tried WMC a few times afterwards with no

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Cloning Clyde

One of the cool features of The Xbox 360 is the Live Arcade games. These are smallish games you can download to the console directly of the Internet. All the arcade games have a free trial version. It is less

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