Vasanth Dharmaraj

I am an Architect with about 12 years of software design and development experience.Currently I am working in Jacksonville, Florida. I work for Syntel at Unitrin. I am in the US with a H1B visa. Send me an email if you need the complete resume.

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Career Highlights

  • Designed and implemented a Message Sequencer Service to enable client applications to consume messages in the same order in which they are produced in a asynchronous ESB environment at Unitrin.
  • Designed the Compound Registration and Sample Submission for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
  • Designed a security framework to secure web services and web based internal tools based on JAAS at New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company.
  • Designed the architecture of the “next generation” Risk Vision product based on service-oriented framework to create a highly scalable product. Risk Vision is a Financial Risk Management Software.
  • Helped architect the eGlobe framework, a framework for rapid portal development for Johnson and Johnson, Belgium.

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed a unit test framework to test database interactions using an in-memory database.

This reduced the hours of manual testing of applications even for minor bug fixes.

  • Helped architect the eGlobe framework, a framework for rapid portal development for Johnson and Johnson, Belgium.

The marketing team needed research portals on new drugs in a weeks notice to be competitive in market. The eGlobe framework enabled rapid creation of portals. This coupled with Central Business News application led to very quick population of data in these portals.

  • Designed and developed a XML web service for news distribution for Johnson and Johnson, Belgium.

This enabled a single person to manage news distribution across multiple marketing portals reducing duplicating of content and cost.

  • Helped develop a custom swing component framework.

This reduced development time and ensured uniform look and functionality. Reduced user training costs as the framework mimicked applications users were already familiar with.

  • Envisioned and developed many internal tools to aid development, testing and software monitoring.

Developed various small tools to help developers and testers save time. Test clients to perform regression tests on services. Database monitoring and alert tools. Quick edit tools for ACORD XML documents.


Key Skills SOA, Web Services, ESB, Spring Integration
Language Java, SQL
Application Servers Websphere, Weblogic, Fiorano ESB
Technology SOA, JEE, JPA, EJB 3.0, Sping Integration, ESB, JMS, Web Services, JDO, Guidewire ClaimCenter
Tools ActiveMQ, ANT, JUnit, JMockit, XML Beans, JIBX, Jasper Reports, BIRT, GScript
Certifications Sun Certified Java Programmer
Database MS SQL Server 2005, H2, Oracle, Sybase
IDE RAD, Eclipse, iReport, JBuilder

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