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Version 1 including source.


I had blogged previously about how I use a bookmarklet to send articles or blog post I want to read later by emailing it to myself. It was nice for a while but then it became clumsy. I ended up with too many mails and no easy way to check them out.

So I created a small ASP.Net application to do something similar. I still have a bookmarklet, similar to the one before. Only this sends the link, including the page title and any selected text to the application (creatively named ‘Links Bin’). It also prompts for a category to add the link to.

The application stores the link in an XML file and displays all the links grouped by the category added. Now if I want to blog about something I can just select the text I am interested in and click the bookmarklet. At the JavaScript prompt I add a category say ‘Blog This’ and the link is added to the bin as show below.

Now when I want to use the link I just click on it. The link is opened in a new window (or tab) and automatically removed from the bin.




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