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Page Rank for Chrome shows the Google PageRank for the current website.



Whats new in V0.3

  • Repackaged with the new extension packaging feature.

Whats new in V0.2


To install and use extensions in Chrome you have to be on the dev channel and start Chrome with the parameter –enable-extensions. Now download the extension below. Choose OK in the dialog that is shown. Now the plugin should be installed.


The Software comes “as is”, with no warranties. None whatsoever. This means no express, implied or statutory warranty,
including without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty of title
or non-infringement.

65 comments on “PageRank for Chrome
  1. V0.1 makes my Chrome crash…

  2. athar says:

    not working for me..

    its downloading to download folder (documents) but not prompting to install. pagerank.crx ….

  3. Sriraj says:

    Working perfectly. And reflecting the latest Google PR update too.

  4. James Hartig says:

    Doesn’t work with newest builds. Fails to show up in the bar, but still is shown in chrome://extensions/

  5. BIlal Bhatti says:

    I have created another beautiful plugin like this. Please do check…

  6. Bobby says:

    Um, how the hell do I install this? Your instructions are beyond vague, and when I click on the installer it just opens up Chrome and nothing else. I do not see a new PageRank section or anything.

  7. @ James Hartig:

    I deleted all extensions in Chrome. Installed the gmail extension first then the Page Rank extension.

    Both of them seem to work as expected. Do you have any other extensions installed like AdSweep?

    • James Hartig says:

      Nope. I will clear out all the extensions and wipe the extension cache and try again (with the newest build as of now).

      • James Hartig says:

        I can’t figure out the problem, but when I moved your script tag to the header and added a   in the prValue span tag, everything worked fine. Now it seems to be working.

  8. James Hartig says:

    Also, make sure you add escape(baseurl) to the getpr function or Google will return a nasty message and not the pagerank.

  9. KEViN恺 says:

    i have installed this plugin,but theres nothing display on my chrome v183,but my mouse rollover the static bar,it display a long bar which says”Page Rank Checker”,then theres nothing any more.whats the problem?

  10. abdullah says:

    Thank you for the extension.
    I hope Google adds this feature to the Chrome by default!

  11. Thanks James. I have incorporated your fix into the extension.

  12. Ed Brancheau says:

    I have followed the directions but for some reason when I open the extension with Chrome, it just keeps opening extension in a new tab and downloading it over and over again. If I let it run, I think it would go on indefinitely. Bizarre

  13. I dont’t know why I can’t download it??

  14. James Hartig says:

    There are some problems with extensions in the latest few builds. I am researching the problem now.

  15. Martin says:

    Hi there,
    extension is not working for me…

    I am getting error message:
    Could not install extension from ‘C:\Users\…\Desktop\pagerank_02.crx’. Bad version number

    Chromium version:
    Build: 18578

    Any ideas?

  16. KEViN恺 says:

    when updates to,Chrome updates that”Implement signature verification for all extensions” check it out

  17. RIcky says:

    Could not install extension from ‘pagerank.0.3.crx’. bad version number

    • With the current build ( there is a bug preventing installing extensions by just clicking on the link. You have to download the extension by right clicking the link and choose Save link as… Once downloaded double click on the extension to install it.

  18. James Hartig says:

    In the newest builds, the pr_checker.html is duplicated, showing “Page Rank: x” twice. Is this a chrome problem?

  19. Girish says:

    PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves ‘important’ weigh more heavily and help to make other pages ‘important

  20. Maarten says:

    I have the same problem James Hartig had, the pagerank checker shows up twice.

    Also, to get it installed I had to right click the link and open it in a new tab. A direct left click showed ‘couldn’t install extensions, can’t open file’

  21. william says:

    do not know how to open chrome with enable extensions. please help. thanks

    • Right click the shortcut that launches Chrome. Go to properties. In the Target textbox add –enable-extensions following chrome.exe. Remember to have a space after chrome.exe. Now start Chrome with this shortcut. Extensions should be enabled.

  22. william says:

    Thanks for the quick response. have successfully done this but after downloading nothing happens. Saved the download to different places but does not give me an option to run etc

  23. william says:

    added a space and –enable-extensions after the ” clicked apply then it stayed that way. got an error message all other ways.

  24. william says:

    the downloaded file does not run automatically. How can i get it to work

  25. william says:

    on chrome v 20172. dont know how to get higher no. still not installing automatically.

  26. Firdaush says:

    You may have to try changing the key. when other programs open chrome for mail such as from MSN, it does not open the short cut you have added the –extensions to. It opens it from a ‘key’ location. You will have to change that to make it always work.

  27. william says:

    guys thanks for your patiencee. what does changing the key mean? I have changed to the dev build.

  28. Atechlaptop says:

    This is very informative and interesting.

  29. PageRank is probably one of the most important algorithms ever developed for the Web.
    PageRank is not simply based upon the total number of inbound links.
    The basic approach of PageRank is that a document is in fact considered the more important the more other documents link to it,
    but those inbound links do not count equally.
    good points here about Trust now being a major factor in search engine results,
    that goes with what Rand and others have been saying too.
    this also settles for me the value of a natural approach to gaining backlinks and not getting a huge bunch of them,
    or a large # of high pr backlinks in a short period of time – it rather undermines the Trust factor.
    I do wonder what you think of bing and how Trust does/will play a role in their results.
    it seems to me from a rather preliminary and cursory look at some results and comparing those to over at google and yahoo,
    that bing ofter relies more on the keyword/s being the actual url,
    which seems to me a rather poor way to rank sites/pages.
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